How to Install Cubase LE 4 on Mac OS X

To install Cubase LE 4 on Mac OS X:

  1. Open the Cubase LE 4 package, follow the on screen instruction and run the installation as usual.
  2. When you see the installation saying ‘less than a minute‘ but it stuck on the ‘running package scripts‘, force quit the installation by pressing Command+option+escand choose ‘Install’ to force quit.
  3. Open your application folder, you’ll see the Cubase LE 4 app is already there. Don’t run the app, eject the disk image and restart your computer. (When it asks you whether to force eject, just click on ‘force eject’)
  4. Install eLicenser Control Centre, you can find this in the Cubase LE 4 installation folder > Application Content > Copy Protection Driveror download from Steinberg website.
  5. After that, log on to Steinberg dot net, log in (or register a new account if you do not have one) and click Activation/Reactivation, select Cubase LE 4.
  6. Choose Permanent Activation, enter your SeL number and simply select a product, you’ll receive an activation code by email.
  7. Open eLicenser Control Centre, click ‘Enter Activation Code‘ and enter the code you’ve received from Steinberg, you’ll have to download the licenser after you enter the code.
  8. When the download has done, close the eLicenser Control Centre and run the Cubase LE 4, you’ve done the installation and the warning won’t pop out anymore!

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