Five Useful Tips That Most Mac Users Need To Know

When we get started with new things, we always need to learn from the beginning. If taking moving from Windows OS to Apple’s Mac OS, then it’s a great example in this case. When we decide to move from Windows to Mac, we have to learn everything related to Mac.

For example, did you know how to install apps on a Mac computer? Or did you know how to uninstall those apps? Did you know how to hide or show hidden files on a Mac?

There are a lot of things we need to learn before controlling and mastering a Mac OS computer. By that, in this post, I will give to all of you a few useful tips that every Mac users should know. In case you have already known about these tips, just skip it.

Mac tips

1. Install a new Mac program

The first thing you need to know is how to download and install a new program for a Mac computer. Unlike in Windows, there is no setup wizard to start with. Instead, you only need to download the program and extract it and then move it to the “Applications” directory.

You can download Mac apps from anywhere and then just install onto your Mac follow the method above.

2. Uninstall a specific Mac program

When you uninstall a program in Windows, you have to navigate to Control Panel -> Uninstall Program and then choose a program to uninstall.

However, on a Mac computer, you only need to move it to the Trash (aka Recycle Bin).

That’s it! So simple, right?

3. Take Screenshots

Taking a screenshot on your Mac computer is simpler than what you often do on a Windows PC. Instead of pressing a key (Print Screen) and then ask for the help of image editor programs to save a screenshot into the picture, you only need to press three keys, and the screenshot will be ready for you on your Mac’s desktop.

Do you know what the keys are? Those keys are Shift, Command, Number #3, or Shift, Command, and Number #4. Use whatever you want for separate purposes.

4. Close a program immediately

Close a Mac program immediately also means force it to quit. In order to force a program to quit on a Mac computer, press Command, Option, Esc and then select the application you want to force close.

There are also two other solutions you can use to do the same thing, which is use Activity Monitor, and Terminal. Use to find out how to use those tools to force a Mac program to quit immediately.

5. Advanced tips with Spotlight

Many of you might have known about the Spotlight, a search feature of Mac OS. You might also use this function for many times. However, you might not know that it can be used to do many other tasks.

For example, you can use this tool to calculate a simple match, as well as a difficult match. You can also use this to calculate tip money, as well as the percentage or checking the weather.

I hope these simple Mac tips will help you to learn further about Apple’s Mac OS operating system. If you think I have missed any useful Mac tips, let me know.