The Best New Features of Mac OS X Lion


The new OS X Lion operating system has borrowed quite a few features from the Apple iPad and its new Launchpad feature is one of the boldest swaps. Launchpad is an iPad-like application that when activated displays your OS X Lion apps on your Mac’s screen as they would appear on the Home Screen of an Apple iPad. In addition to looking like the iPad’s home screen, Launchpad allows you to rearrange your OS X Lion apps and swipe through your apps as well.

Full-screen Apps

Another nod to the popular iPad on OS X Lion is the ability to have full-screen apps with no distractions as they would appear on Apple’s popular tablet – but now on your desktop and notebook. Full-screen apps will help you stay focused when working on intense programs, playing games, and getting your work done.

Gestures and Animations

Gestures and Animations is a feature that you might be familiar with if you own an iPad – I think that I’m starting to see a pattern. Mac’s already supported some multi-touch gestures in the past, but OS X Lion will now include rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, full-screen swiping and will run more fluidly than ever before on the new Mac operating system.

Mission Control

Wanna’ see what’s going on on your Mac at any given time? Mission Control is there to help you out with this demand by providing a sort of “command center” for you Mac computer that’ll give a detailed view of all programs running on your Mac computer – with a bird’s-eye view. Mission Control makes keeping up with your apps, multitasking, and navigating between apps flawless and even supports the new Gestures and Animations features of OS X Lion.

Auto Save

Have you ever restarted your computer – or had it shut-down – without saving and lost important data, that college paper, art project, or resume that you were fletching out? OS X Lion is set to resolve the problem of these woes, by just about getting rid of manual saving for a new Auto Save feature that will help save you from yourself and your inability to save often.


Speaking of restarting your computer, whenever you do decide to power off your Mac, you’re usually forced to restart all of your programs – which can be a headache – but the new Resume feature of OS X Lion allows you to restart your computer and pick up where you left off – without all the headaches.

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